Bass Guitar Lessons

The solid foundation of any band, the Bass Guitar is a crucial component to any ensemble. Usually seen with just four strings, the Bass Guitar is pitched much lower than other Guitars, establishing a firm harmonic foundation and adding punch to songs. Although usually seen with four strings, Bass Guitars can also be seen in five and six string variations, which extend the Bass’ somewhat limited range.

The Bass features a longer neck and much thicker strings than other guitars, making it somewhat challenging for younger beginners, it may be advisable to wait until a child is grown enough to hold the Bass comfortably before learning. The Bass’ solid low pitch makes it a perfect accompaniment for many styles of music including; Jazz, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Indie and Metal.

Unlike most Guitars, the Bass is often played using a sophisticated walking style finger technique, which provides a soft, warm tone, although a plectrum can be used for more aggressive styles of music. The Bass Guitar is almost always seen as an electric instrument, so be advised, electronic amplification will be a necessity.

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