Ukulele Lessons

Rising to great popularity in recent years, the Ukulele is a perfect first step for anyone wanting to learn a fretted instrument. Found usually with four strings, the Ukulele has a very small fret board in comparison to other fretted instruments, this allows players of all ages and sizes to be able to pick up and play with minimal challenge.

The Ukulele’s unique tuning also allows players to create a variety of chords with little difficulty, many just using one or two fingers at a time. Much like Guitars, the Ukulele comes in many shapes and sizes, most commonly seen are the Soprano (advisable for young beginners), Concert (advisable for adult beginners), Tenor and Baritone, each one provide a different tone and feel to suit a players needs.

The Ukulele has become used in many styles of music in recent years, showing its true versatility it’s often seen in genres such as; Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Vintage/Trad. There is a wide range of ways that a ukulele can be played, from sophisticated strumming techniques, finger picking and single note melody playing.

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