Drum Lessons

Drums can trace their roots right back to the most primitive of human history, but their role in music remains the same - keeping time. Whether it be for dancing ferociously round a fire, trying to conjure gods or demons, or for keeping a massive army marching on the right step, drums have been used to strike inspiration and fear into the hearts of allies and enemies alike. 

In modern times, drums and percussion instruments are essential to almost every conceivable genre of music. Whether it be loud and fast rock music, smooth and serene jazz, a classical waltz or fiery Latin American music, the drums acts as a time keeper for the band, anchoring the group in it’s speed and making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. The modern drum kit normally consists of 5 drums - snare, bass drum and 3 toms, and at least 3 cymbals - hi hats, crash and ride. Each component has a unique sound, and combining the right sounds at the right time means that you too can inspire the same awe and terror as the armies that came before you.

One of the great things about drums is just how customisable they are; you can have as many (or few) drums and cymbals as you like. If you were to go online and search for Terry Bozzio or Neil Peart, you’d find a drummers idea of heaven! To start with, a 5 piece kit (the one mentioned before) would do just fine, and once you have the idea of speed and tempo, combined with a little co-ordination in the arms and legs, you can begin to unlock the intricate styles and playing requirements of the modern day drummer.

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