Guitar Lessons

Steel String Acoustic

Often seen as a common first step, the steel string acoustic guitar is a great starting place for any budding guitarist. Its bright, vibrant tones are a compliment to a range of styles from; Country and Western, Pop, Blues and even Rock. The bright steel sound is perfect for both chord and single note melody playing.

The acoustic guitar features a hollow body, which captures the sound and naturally amplifies it, perfect for playing at home and outside without the need of electronic amplification.

Acoustic guitars come in a range of sizes to fit anybody, from half and three-quarter sizes for smaller learners to full sizes for adults. When purchasing a guitar, it is wise to test for a good length of time beginners can find the steel strings quite wearing on the fingers. For young beginners a nylon string acoustic may be more appropriate.

Classical/Nylon String Acoustic

Much like its Steel String partner, the Classical Guitar or Nylon String Acoustic also features a self-amplifying hollow body. The key difference between the two is the nylon strings, which transform the sound and experience completely. Many beginners and even experienced players prefer the feel of the nylon strings as they are less wearing on the finger tips and can allow the player to play with minimal discomfort over long periods of time. The nylon strings also give a much softer, warmer sound when played, often favored in styles such as; Classical Guitar, Latin and Flamenco.

Like its steel string counterpart, Classical Guitars also come in half, three-quarter and full sizes. Its warm and comforting sound is a compliment to chord, single note and finger picking styles

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars have been very popular in music for many decades now, offering a range of sounds customizable by different effects, pickups, string gauges and amplifiers. Although less commonly seen as a beginner’s choice, the electric guitar is still a great place to start. The Electric Guitar’s extended note reach, volume control and customization options make it a great tool to begin learning a plethora of styles. Electric Guitars commonly feature thinner, solid bodies, in comparison to their acoustic counterparts, this lack of hollow body means that electronic amplification is usually necessary in order to be heard in most circumstances. The smaller body also allows the player to reach further up the fret board, reaching notes not easily accessible on acoustic guitars, which often feature commonly in lead guitar playing.

The true beauty of the Electric Guitar lies in its customizable sound,; many players use effects pedals to enhance the sound of the guitar, effects such as: overdrive, distortion, delay, chorus, wah can transform the sound of a guitar and make it the perfect tool for many musical jobs. The player’s amplifier will also add a new dimension of control, allowing  the player to choose exactly how much bass or treble they would like out of their guitar. Electric Guitars are perfect for playing both chords and single note melodies, they are often used in many genres such as; Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Metal.

Again, Electric Guitars can be purchased in half, three-quarter and full sizes. Beginners may find playing the Electric Guitar less wearing on the fingers in comparison to the Steel String Acoustic as usually notes and chords require less pressure on the string to achieve the notes.

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