The Band Project

The Band Project offers the complete band experience; weekly rehearsals in fully equipped practice rooms, gigging musicians as tutors and end of term gigs in real venues. The relaxed and encouraging environment of our sessions helps to build self confidence, teamwork, self expression, creativity and nurture a love of playing and performing music. Our bands have a minimum of four and a maximum of five members making sure everyone taking part is fully supported. All bands are grouped by age and experience to be the best fit socially and musically.

Here’s a little of what parents are saying about us:

'My two daughters absolutely love The Band Project! The sessions are loads of fun, but also really inspiring for them musically. Being in a band gives them a reason to practise and make progress on their instruments so that they can tackle more and more complex songs together. I wish that I’d had the opportunity to attend something as good as this when I was young!’
Chichester parent, 12 year old Vocals, 10 year old Bassist

"Being part of a band has given my son both purpose and enjoyment to learning to play an instrument. The Band Project has been an amazing way for him to experience performance, and the practice and the team-work it takes. I highly recommend it!"
Chiswick parent, 13 year old Drummer

"Both our boys have been part of The Band Project over the last few years. Who they are today musically has to do with being mentored by amazing tutors in a fun and safe environment. This is a dream place for whoever wants to be a musician and we could not recommend it more."
Brighton parent, 16 year old Drummer, 18 year old Guitarist/Vocalist

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